RCPlanet installments

Don’t want to pay the whole amount at once? Pay in installments!

Use RCPlanet postpay to pay for your products or services – the most affordable, convenient and fast postpay link in Estonia! Add products to shopping cart, confirm your order and choose RCPlanet postpay link from payment methods. When making a payment, choose the appropriate period, the monthly installment amount and digitally sign it conveniently with your ID card or Mobile ID.

RCPlanet postpay is a very fast and convenient payment solution that will help you to plan the payment according to the period of your choice. This payment solution makes a real-time decision and helps you make your purchase in less than 60 seconds.

RCPlanet Järelmaks Eestis

RCPlanet postpay purchase is provided by ESTO AS (reg. code 14180709).

The standard terms for RCPlanet postpay purchase are as follows:

  • Percentages ranging from 0%
  • Contract fee starting from 0 euros
  • Period up to 3 years

All citizens of the Republic of Estonia aged 18-70 can apply for RCPlanet postpay purchase. RCPlanet postpay purchase can be arranged quickly and conveniently for a legal entity.

Every financial decision comes with risks and obligations, so we ask you to think carefully about the need to consume credit products. For example, for a loan of EUR 2049 for a period of 12 months at a fixed percentage rate of 11.8% per annum and a contract fee of EUR 14.90, the APR is 25.94%, the monthly payment is EUR 193.04 and the total amount repayable by the consumer is EUR 2316.48.

LIISI Postpay


  • Quick Limit Request
  • Deposit from 0 Euro
  • Immediate signing
  • There is no minimum or maximum purchase amount
  • In the event of unforeseen payment difficulties and immediate notification, we will find a suitable solution together

How to Buy with LIISI?

  1. Add products to cart
  2. From the payment methods, select the payment link for LIISI
  3. Specify the number of months and the payment date
  4. Sign conveniently and securely with your ID card or Mobile ID

The service provider is AS Koduliising. Each loan is a financial liability. Consider your decision carefully – read the terms and conditions of your loan agreement and consult an expert if necessary. The annual percentage rate of charge is 39.40% on the following sample terms: cost of goods / services: € 419, contract period 12 months, fixed percentage rate 20% of the loan amount per year, credit amount € 419, total payments € 499.32 and repayments € 499.32

Check out Liisi general terms and conditions here: www.liisi.ee/terms