EUDRL OÜ – RCPlanet shop usage agreement.

EUDRL OÜ, registry code 14158727, (the Service Provider) and the customer who places an order in the RCPlanet shop and identifies himself by entering his personal data (hereinafter the Service User) in the order, signed this Store User Agreement (hereinafter the User Agreement).

1. Store.

1.1 RCPlanet (the “Store”) is an Internet shop created by the Service Provider through which the products are sold to the Service User.

2. General settings.

2.1. The Contracting Parties shall regulate their relations in accordance with the Law of Obligations Act and other laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Estonia, as well as the terms agreed in the Store User Agreement.

2.2. The Service Provider has the right to make changes to the offered Store Service at any time.

2.3. The Service Provider has the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of the User Agreement without the obligation to notify the Service User in writing by e-mail.

3. Products and making a purchase.

3.1 The products displayed in the store are usually in stock. The availability of products displayed in the store may change due to technical problems with the programs in the warehouse or the E-store.

3.2 If the product is out of stock and the order cannot be fulfilled, the E-shop employee will contact the user and suggest a possible new delivery time or replacement of the product with an equivalent product of the same price and quality or a refund. The customer will be refunded within 14 days at the latest.

3.3 The product images displayed are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product. Product descriptions in the Online Store may not be exhaustive and may contain unintentional errors. Contact the Service Department for more information.

3.4 The products offered in the shop are sold to both natural and legal persons.

3.5 The Service User confirms that he / she is at least 15 years old.

3.6 The Service User selects the desired products and undertakes to enter the required data for the order (surname, first name, contact phone number, contact e-mail address, delivery address, postal code, bank link) and pays for the products via the internet bank link.

3.7 The Service User undertakes to provide the correct information necessary for the fulfillment of the order. The Service Provider shall not be liable for non-fulfillment of the order or any consequences thereof due to incorrect data submitted by the Service User during execution.

3.8 The sale takes place when the Service User has sent the E-shop via the website and has paid for the order by bank transfer.

4. Prices.

4.1. All prices in the shop are in EUR and include 20% VAT.

4.2. The Service Provider has the right to change the prices displayed in the shop at any time. If prices have been changed in the e-shop after placing and paying for the order by the Service User, the Service Provider undertakes to deliver the corresponding products to the user at the prices prevailing at the time of the order. The service user is not entitled to claim the price difference.

5. Delivery time and delivery terms.

5.1 The Service User has the right to choose between two different ways of receiving the goods.

5.1.1 The Goods shall be delivered to the Service User within the Republic of Estonia by courier and in the other Baltic States.

5.2 If the Service User has chosen courier delivery method, delivery of the goods will be done by courier within 2-24 business days. All shipments are insured until delivery to the customer.

5.3 The delivery of the ordered goods shall only take place upon presentation of an identity document to the Service User indicated in the order.

6. Withdrawal before performance of the Contract by the Service Provider.

6.1 If the Service User wishes to withdraw from the contract after placing the order and before performing the Contract, the Service User undertakes to inform the Service Provider in writing as soon as possible. A written notice must be sent to The e-mail must include the subscription number from which you wish to withdraw and the contact details of the Service User (first name, last name, date of placing the order, contact phone number).

6.2 If the notice of withdrawal reaches the Service Provider after the performance of the Contract by the Service Provider, the withdrawal shall take place in accordance with the “Return Right” section of the Store User Agreement.

6.3 The Service Provider shall refund the amount paid to the Service User within 14 days from the receipt of the request for withdrawal.

6.4 The money shall be transferred to the same bank account from which it was received by the Service Provider.

7. Right of refund.

7.1 Goods purchased from the Online Store are subject to a return policy of 14 days (not applicable to a legal entity or company).

7.2 The returned product must be defective, complete, in its original packaging and unused.

7.3 To return the product you must submit a request to e-mail

7.4 Returns must include the purchase invoice for the goods and the manufacturer’s warranty voucher with the completed information, if required.

7.5 Upon return, the Service User will be refunded within 30 days of the return of the product.

7.6 The money shall be transferred to the same bank account from which it was received by the Service Provider.

7.7 The transportation costs of the return shall be borne by the Service User.

7.8 If, after returning the Product, it becomes evident that the Product does not comply with the terms and conditions set out in Clauses 7.1 – 7.4 of the Store User Agreement, the money will not be refunded to the Service User and the returned Product will remain with the Service Provider. The costs of storing or returning the Product to the Service User shall be borne by the Service User.

8. Complaints procedure.

8.1 The products sold in the Online Store are subject to the 2-year time limit for filing a claim under võs §-s 218 lg 2.

8.2 Claims are handled in accordance with Supplement no. 1 “EUDRL OÜ Complaints Procedure”.

9. Personal data and their use.

9.1 The Service User gives clear and informed consent to the Service Provider to process its personal data.

9.2 The personal data of the Service User, which has become known to the Service Provider entered by the User upon placing an order, shall be entered in the Customer Register and used for the provision of sales service and delivery of goods to the Service User.

9.3 The source of personal data is the formation of a customer relationship when registering an order in the E-shop.

9.4 The personal data to be recorded includes information about the Service User’s order – personal identification code, surname, first name (s), street, house, apartment number, town or city, postal code, telephone number, address, year of birth, sex, method of delivery, used payment method, , accepting the sending of solicitations, free text comments at the email address.

9.5 The personal data is processed by EUDRL OÜ, registry code 14158727.

9.6 The personal data of the Service User necessary for the distribution of the goods to the Service User shall be transmitted to the company providing the courier service.

9.7 The protection of personal data is guaranteed by all security measures provided by law.

9.8 The Service Provider undertakes not to transfer the registered personal data to unauthorized persons.

9.9 The Service Provider reserves the right to forward any user-related information to any person who has the legal right to do so for the purpose of fulfilling its statutory obligation to protect the health or liberty of another person.

9.10 The Service User has the right to verify the personal data concerning him or her, as well as to modify or delete the data from the register.

9.11 The Service User agrees with the Service Provider to send an order confirmation to the e-mail address entered when placing the order.

9.12 The Service User agrees with the Service Provider to send sales offers to the e-mail address provided when placing an order, provided that he / she has ticked the appropriate order on the ordering page by ticking the appropriate window.

10. Responsibility.

10.1 The Service Provider shall be liable for the extent of the sale price of the Product. The Service Provider shall not be liable for damages caused by defective products such as damage to property or information, loss of turnover or profit.

10.2 The Service User undertakes to use the Store Service only in accordance with the law and good practice.

10.3 The Service User shall be responsible for the provision and maintenance of software data communication systems (eg, ESC) of all devices requiring use, as well as any other costs incurred in using the Service.

10.4 The Service User shall be fully liable for any damage caused to the Service Provider, other Service Users or third parties arising from the use of the E-Shop in violation of the E-Shop User Agreement, law or good practice.

11. Disagreements.

11.1 Disputes between the Service User and the Service Provider arising from the Store User Agreement and the Terms of Use shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia. Failing agreement, the dispute will be resolved in the Harju County Court.

12. Terms of Use.

12.1 The User is obligated to read the terms and conditions of the User Agreement.

12.2 By placing an order by ticking the box “I agree to the RCPlanet Store Terms of Use”, the Service User agrees that he / she has read, understood and agrees with the terms and conditions of the User Agreement


1. Products sold by EUDRL OÜ shall be subject to the 2-year time limit for filing a claim provided for in § 218 (2) of the LOA.

2. Definitions:

2.1 Expertise – Expert assessment by the service department of EUDRL OÜ (in some cases also by the importer or manufacturer of the product) to determine the existence and cause of the defect in the product.

2.2 Independent Expertise – an additional fee-based expert assessment at the Client’s request if the Client is dissatisfied with the results of the Expertise performed by EUDRL OÜ.

3. Complaints may be made in respect of defects in design, workmanship or material.

4. The period for lodging a claim shall commence on the date of purchase of the goods.

5. The claim is based on the sales invoice of the product and the completed manufacturer’s warranty voucher, if requested by the manufacturer.

6. Complaints may be submitted to RCPlanet.

7. The seller is not responsible for any subsequent defects:

7.1 Any malfunction of the Product due to accidental or intentional damage to the Product by the User;

7.2 Malfunctions caused by changes in the technical characteristics of the device performed by a person or service not certified by the manufacturer;

7.3 For malfunctions caused by failure to comply with the Product Manual;

7.4 Malfunctions caused by the use of the product in unsuitable environmental conditions;

7.5 Disturbances in the operation of the product due to a thunderstorm or other force majeure;

7.6 Malfunctions resulting from the connection of a computer or other device to an unauthorized power supply (including unearthed power supply);

7.7 For malfunctions of the product caused by the connection of live equipment;

7.8 Drones malfunctions caused by failure to comply with the parameters specified by the manufacturer for the Drones components;

7.9 For defective products and parts with serial numbers, control stickers, or marking stickers damaged, replaced, or removed.

8. EUDRL OÜ is not responsible:

8.1 Repair for retention of information contained on the device. (e.g. ESC)

8.2 Failure to rectify defects if the defect is discovered during the repair or if the customer did not notify it at the time of repair of the product.

9. If the repaired product has not been used in accordance with the terms of use of the product, the right of claim shall not extend to the product and, with the customer’s consent, EUDRL OÜ shall repair the product in accordance with the applicable price list.

10. The claim must be submitted in Estonian and as clear as possible a description of the defect (s) in the product.

11. The claim shall not be settled if EUDRL OÜ proves that the defect in the product has been caused by the buyer.

12. EUDRL OÜ is obliged to carry out an expert opinion within six months from the date of sale of the product in case of disagreement on the cause of the defect in the product. If the expert determines that the defect is due to the fault of the client and the client does not agree, then the client has the right to request independent expertise. If the result of the independent expert assessment proves that the defect was due to the fault of the client, the cost of the independent expert examination shall be borne by the client.

13. If the customer claims for a product six months after the date of purchase and the repair shows that the product is defective, the customer will be charged for the costs in accordance with the applicable price list.

14. If repair of the claimed product becomes impossible or has ended, EUDRL OÜ reserves the right to replace the product with an equivalent replacement product with the customer’s consent.

EUDRL OÜ – RCPlanet Store User Agreement

valid from 05.05.2017