1.1. EUDRL OÜ mediates the manufacturer’s warranties and warranty procedures for the equipment sold, but does not carry out warranty repair on the equipment.

1.1.1 EUDRL OÜ provides the manufacturer’s warranty for up to 2 years. After 2 years, the manufacturer’s warranty is negotiated.

1.2. Warranty service is based on an invoice / delivery note issued by EUDRL OÜ and a device with an undamaged serial number. If the serial number of the device is damaged or illegible, EUDRL OÜ reserves the right to refuse free warranty repair.

1.3.The product must be returned to the warranty or service representative in its original kit (if any changes are made to the kit, this must be notified when the product is provided under warranty).

1.4. The Customer undertakes to remove the device within three (3) months of the completion of the work. If this deadline is exceeded, EUDRL OÜ has the right to dispose of the device.


2.1. The warranty period is valid from the moment of delivery as stated on the invoice / delivery note.

2.2. The length of the warranty period and the duration of the repair or maintenance period are specified by the importer. Warranty extensions purchased with products must be registered by the customer within 30 days according to the instructions provided. Failure to do so will invalidate the warranty extension.

It is only necessary to keep the purchase invoice and warranty voucher (eg DJI, Yuneec, Parrot products) that accompany the products, without which the warranty will not apply.


3.1. Warranty repairs are carried out at the manufacturer’s service center. In the absence of an authorized service center, warranty repairs are carried out through the manufacturer’s factory.

3.2. Delivery of drone technology to and from EUDRL for warranty service shall be at Customer’s expense. The exception is when the device is covered by the On-site warranty, in which case the warranty is repaired at the location of the device. EUDRL OÜ will cover all costs of shipping the defective device to the importer and back to our service department.

3.3. If it becomes impossible to repair the device during the warranty period and after its manufacture has ended, the manufacturer or importer will replace the device with an equivalent or better device under the warranty. If replacement is not possible, the purchase price will be refunded.


4.1. Wearable parts (batteries, impellers, frame, additional frame components, camera mat, etc.) and packaging and documentation;

4.2. Software, including software preinstalled on the device and malfunctions caused by the software;

4.3. Malfunctions and physical injuries caused by unintentional or intentional physical injury or foreign objects, liquids, insects, excess dust, etc., from entering the unit. by;

4.4. Malfunctions and physical damage caused by malfunctioning electrical systems (lack of earthing conductor, etc.), power failure, or mains voltage fluctuations;

4.5. Malfunctions and physical damage caused by the use of non-original parts or unsuitable accessories;

4.6. Malfunctions caused by improper use of equipment, failure to comply with the operating instructions (use of the product in abnormal environmental conditions).


5.1 You have the right to exchange or return goods ordered from the e-shop within 14 days. The returned product must be in its original packaging and unused.

5.2 Sold products are subject to the 2-year time limit for filing a claim provided for in § 218 (2) of the LOA.

5.3 The period for lodging a claim shall be effective from the date shown on the accompanying document drawn up at the time the goods are delivered to the customer.


6.1 Find the product bill.

6.2 Report bugs to our email to garantii@rcplanet.ee Write how and when you found the defect. Be sure to provide the check number and product serial number.

6.3 If possible, send the defective product image.

6.4 In the future, the customer will be contacted and the name of the warranty repairer will be named for the specific item.

NB! In the event that a defect caused by the manufacturing process or the materials used is not found on the equipment under warranty, the customer may be charged a repair order handling fee of up to € 36.-. The consumer shall not be charged for the first six months.

NB! EUDRL OÜ shall not be obliged to repurchase or exchange functional products purchased or received by the customer from the shop. The terms and conditions for returning or replacing a particular product will be decided by the Warranty Department.