Elektri motoroller NIU NQi Sport - Hall matt, Laiendatud

3 299,00 €
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  • Mootor - Bosch 1500W
  • Aku 60V 35Ah
  • Sõiduulatus - kuni 90km
  • Maks. kiirus - 45km/h
  • Laadimisaeg - ~6 t







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Elektri motoroller NIU NQi Sport - Hall matt, Laiendatud

Elektri motoroller NIU NQi Sport - Hall matt, Laiendatud - Equipped with the 4th Generation NIU Energy ™ AI powered battery pack, our industry-leading cloud connected powertrain harnesses billions of kilometers of riding data to optimize your riding experience.

Perfect for Daily Commuting

Whether you are heading to work, taking a trip downtown, or grabbing a bite to eat, the NQi Sport takes you wherever you want. What’s more, the battery is removable so you can recharge at home, the office, or even a local cafe.

Stress Free Charging - Removable Battery Pack

The NIU Energy Battery Pack can be removed in seconds, and your home office quickly become your charging point with our portable charging adaptor.

  • 50-90km Extended Range
  • Removable 11 Kilogram Battery
  • 18650 Top Lithium-ion Battery Cell
  • 11 Different Battery Safeguards

As the brain of the NQi Sport, the Cloud ECU provides real-time vehicle information directly to your NIU app. Additionally, the Over-the-Air (OTA) update technology allows you to wirelessly upgrade the scooter software to improve your riding performance.

  • 32 SENSORS Integrated Monitoring
  • 200 TIMES/MIN Real-time Diagnostics
  • OTA Wireless Software Updates

NIU Smart App

Your Scooter In Your Pocket - Anti-theft alerts, real-time scooter location tracking, battery range status, past routes, riding data and more – all you need to know about your vehicle can be found on the NIU smart app.

Integrated Smart Features

  • EBS Regenerative Braking - Recharge your battery as you brake.
  • LED Halo Headlamp - Energy efficient CCFL lamp design.
  • Auto-Off Indicators - Hassle free turning.
  • Vehicle Locator - Find your scooter instantly.

Power On Demand

The 1500W* BOSCH motor provides instant acceleration that is perfect for urban commuting.

Smooth Acceleration

The finely tuned motor controller ensures effortless acceleration every time you hit the throttle.

  • Adjustable Driving Modes
  • SPORT Instant Acceleration
  • DYNAMIC City Cruising
  • E-SAVE Extended Range
  • Urban Suspension - Adjustable Front and Rear Hydraulic Shocks
  • Cruise Control - Ride in comfort


NQi Sport

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